The days at KWWL have been flying by! I am trying to learn as much as I can in the remainder of my time there. The story I am currently working on is a package on Wartburg's RecycleMania efforts. RecycleMania is a nationwide competition that encourages students to increase their recycling habits. Seven schools in Iowa are taking part in the competition this year. I met with Emily Rogers who is their student leader. Emily was great to talk to and showed me around Wartburg's campus highlighting where they recycled. This should be on air sometime this week. 

Last week there was a breaking story happening in Vinton, IA. A woman claimed being shot after coming home to two intruders in her home. I went to get more information and met a photographer there. When I arrived, not much was happening. Our primary information source was the woman's neighbor. Our photographer set up and I asked her a few questions. POA: I have learned that the more specific you are in the questions you ask, the better sound bites you will turn out. Even if it is rewording the same question or asking a question pinpointing a smaller aspect of her previous answer. 

I only have about four more weeks left at KWWL and I will make the most of them! 

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