I have mentioned that I am currently a junior at UNI. With all that has been happening at my university with programs being cut, faculty being upset, and student's impacted, it is hard to not pay attention and be involved. 

Over the past two weeks, I realized that I was not nearly involved enough in what was happening at my university in my first few years here. I am paying thousands of dollars to be here and spending countless hours in these buildings while still not knowing what is really happening around me. I am writing this post because I was in class yesterday and reading an article in the Northern Iowan about the faculty meeting and budget cuts when a girl sitting next to me asked me what this is all about. I was completely taken back when I started explaining it to her and three other students listened in and commented that they had no idea. 

I could have been one of these people if it weren't for working at KWWL. I'm sure I would have seen something and been interested but having these opportunities at KWWL have really opened my eyes. It is important to know the politics of what is happening around you whether that be a university or business. Ever since KWWL I am so much more interested in watching the news, reading, and just being a more informed person. 

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