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News at UNI has been the buzz around the newsroom the past couple of weeks. Our university has had to make budget cuts in so many areas. 77 programs are going to see changes. It is recommended that 23 undergrad majors close, 19 minors close, 16 graduate programs will be cut and 19 programs will be restructured. This may seem like a lot but these programs represent a mere 2% of degrees given out in 2010-2011. 

The biggest controversy has been surrounding the closing of Price Lab School. Many employees have and will be laid off and children will be finding new schools. In an email sent to all students and staff, President Ben Allen stated he believes we are just so used to having Price Lab and that it may not be the best model for level two education majors. 

But where do I come in with all of this? I accompanied a reporter to a meeting on March 8 where the faculty were meeting to discuss their confidence (or lack there of) in President Ben Allen and Provost Gloria Gibson. I love going out to shoot with this particular reporter. She is always trying to teach me something or give me tips. When the staff began casting their votes on the "vote of no confidence" in the President and Provost, our reporter went out to do a live shot so I gathered some essential video of the votes being turned in and counted. The vote of no confidence passed for both Pres. Ben Allen and Provost Gloria Gibson. Even though I left that night feeling more confident in my abilities, it was a sad day for UNI. 

POA: Always ask questions! In the news business there is different terminology for certain things and all equipment is slightly different. Don't be afraid of sounding inexperienced, this is how you learn. 


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