It is my first day back at the station after a week off for spring break. I went home and for once it actually felt like spring! I spent so much time outside with my dog, Winnie, and enjoyed the warm weather. It was hard to go back to class and work today, especially on a slow news day.

I have been really wanting to turn out my first package. I feel like I should have a few done by now but I keep getting distracted on smaller stories that I turn into VOSOTs. Here is a little bit about what these things are for those of you who don't know:
 VO- Voice over. It's when the video rolls on air with an anchor reading over it.
SOT- Sound on tape. A soundbite from whomever you've interviewed.
PKG - A reporter goes out in the field, shoots some video (called B Roll) gets some interviews (sound), Records their voice (or cuts their track), and edits it all together. The end result will be the Package. The anchor will lead into it and sometimes out of it on camera.

My news director would like me to do something controversial. I attempted doing a story on a local bus line closing, attempted being the key word. The line does not have many riders and those who did ride did not want to speak with me. I went back a second time and had the same experience. I'm on the look again for a story. 

I have roughly six more weeks left of the semester and my internship and I am determined to use my time wisely. I am going to start coming in on Sundays to shoot some stand up shots for me reel so I can start putting that together! 

05/10/2012 3:07am

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