Many exciting things have happened so far so I am going to catch everyone up! First, I was emailed one day by my boss giving me the heads up that I needed to dress very nice the next day like in a suit or skirt etc. Well I didn't exactly have anything that nice and professional soo in my typical style I went to the mall to look around. I found a really cute/professional outfit at Express...which wasn't cheap haha but I figured I would be wearing it quite a bit. It was so worth it! I had no idea that I would be featured on their corporate website. 
Here is the photo with my spunky yet professional outfit :) 
Piece of Advice: When purchasing clothes for the job, especially if you are a college student, buy pieces that you can wear when you go out as well. I know more people are wearing blazers now when they are out and I love how they look so I wasn't afraid to spend the money. 

I have also received many emails from staff at UNI congratulating me which I appreciate more than anything. POA: Always reply to emails like these saying how much you appreciate their kind words and taking time out of their day to pat you on the back. Remember it's all in who you know. But in this business it is what you know also haha. 

Today was another exciting day for me. I was contacted a few days ago by Taylor Johnson who is a news writer for the Office of University Relations at UNI and today I had an interview with him. He is working on a story for the UNI homepage so stay tuned for that! Thanks for reading and have a good day! 

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.” 

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