I have had a few experiences that really stick out in my mind. First, I went with a photographer and reporter to shoot an interview with Governor Branstad. Setting up the shot was not the easiest thing because of the awkward shaped room. We finally got it figured out and had a quality shot of the interview. It was a real learning experience when watching a great reporter conduct a high profile interview. 

A few days ago, Barack Obama was in Cedar Rapids to speak at the Conveyor company. When I was told about this, I jumped at the chance to go. POA: Even if you don't want to wake up early or if something doesn't interest you, if it is going to be a learning experience go! And act excited about it haha your employer will notice if your really not that excited to go and that doesn't look good. 

I was up at 2 and at the station by 3. I was again joining a reporter and photog. The three of us were in Cedar Rapids by 4:30 just in time to get set up for our first Live hit at 5 o'clock for the morning show. Between 5 and 7:30 we did about 5 Live hits from the airport. By the 4th and 5th, I was setting up the shots on my own! 

We had to be away from our equipment from 8 to 10 for security sweeps so we went and grabbed some much needed food and coffee. When we got back, I snuck in a 15 minute nap and then we were off to be checked by security. Once we got on the media lift, Airforce 1 landed soon after which was good because the wind chill was unbearable! It was the coolest thing though. Everyone knows how many security personnel travel with the President, but seeing it is surreal! 

In this photo, there are only three of the twenty vehicles pictured haha. After Barack Obama left for Conveyer, we were done shooting. My hands were so cold that there was pain going up and down my arms but it was so worth it! It has been the best experience I have had thus far. I learned so much by being there and hearing the reporter report on what was happening and setting the scene. I also got a quick intro as to how to set up ENG shots from the satellite truck. Not that I remember everything haha but it was a great intro. 

Before we left, we watched the President speak from the satellite truck. After he finished we headed back to the station. What a great day! 

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." Demosthenes

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