Last week I worked on setting up my first PKG on the Hawkeye Community College Career Fair. I met some great people who helped me with everything I needed. I took an economical angle to my story and talked to some career service employees about what fields they see more and more students going into. After getting their responses I went and talked with people in those fields. Manufacturing and health care are really seeing great job outlooks in the coming years.

I noticed that there were so many businesses there looking to hire so I talked with them about that as well. They said they invited many businesses and then had many more contact them asking if there is room for them because they need to hire. This was a good sign for the economy in Iowa.  

I edited a VOSOT for the 10 o’clock show and am working on a PKG for my reel. Hopefully I will figure out how to get some video on my website without actually paying to do it haha. Stay tuned!!


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