I arrived at the station on Friday expecting a typical day of assisting producers write stories for broadcast and web but when I asked our news director what I would be doing that day he had something else in mind. I joined the team that would be covering a mother's surprise visit to Orange Elementary. It was her son's 6th birthday and she had been gone for about four months serving our country in the Marine Corps. 

I could hardly imagine how the mother of D'Kylan Woods felt as she was approaching the classroom. When examining her face, she was beaming with excitement and couldn't wait to have that special moment with her son. When she walked in, it took D'Kylan a moment to register who it was because the class was expecting a "celebrity reader". Shakelia (D'Kylan's mom) was not suppose to return until July this year so when D'Kylan recognized his mom he took off running towards her and found himself in his mom's arms again. 

This was incredibly emotional for everyone who witnessed it. I even found a few tears running down my face. The two of them are headed back to Washington D.C. It was a very special day in my news career. POA: It is these experiences and how you handle them that shape who you are not only as a person but as a reporter or news entity. Record these memories so you have something to look back on and see all of the experiences that have shaped you. 
Many exciting things have happened so far so I am going to catch everyone up! First, I was emailed one day by my boss giving me the heads up that I needed to dress very nice the next day like in a suit or skirt etc. Well I didn't exactly have anything that nice and professional soo in my typical style I went to the mall to look around. I found a really cute/professional outfit at Express...which wasn't cheap haha but I figured I would be wearing it quite a bit. It was so worth it! I had no idea that I would be featured on their corporate website. http://www.careersatquincy.com/. 
Here is the photo with my spunky yet professional outfit :) 
Piece of Advice: When purchasing clothes for the job, especially if you are a college student, buy pieces that you can wear when you go out as well. I know more people are wearing blazers now when they are out and I love how they look so I wasn't afraid to spend the money.