Sadly my internship has come to an end and the Fall 2012 semester has begun. I feel so much more prepared for work in the news business as a reporter, anchor, or whatever else life throws at me. The skills I developed included writing for broadcast and web, shooting quality video, booth production, producing with iNews, editing on avid, and interacting with everyday people to tell their stories. That is what I enjoyed the most, taking and learning about people to get their stories out there. I would like to thank EVERYONE at KWWL for the guidance and knowledge. 

My summer was spent working at a golf course back home. Everyone was so impressed that I was working for KWWL the previous semester because that is who my hometown trusts with their news. They all hope to see me on the station one day :).  I enjoyed being home with my family and friends and just taking a break. 

Now, I am a week into the fall semester of my SENIOR YEAR. It is amazing how fast time goes. I am beginning to brainstorm where I see myself after I graduate in May. A few of the classes I am taking include: