I was very pleased with how my Buddy Check 7 piece turned out! It was a great PKG to end with because it was especially challenging. My obstacles were making medical jargon understandable by the general audience, color correcting (always white balance!), and working with limited shots. 

The day of the shoot, there was confusion as to where I was meeting with the hospital's PR. Turns out I went to the completely wrong building haha. I needed to go to the cancer research center and I was at the hospital. So, I was in a hurry to set up my equipment and was using a new tripod..that I wasn't exactly sure how it worked haha and forgot to white balance (white balancing recognizes the true color of white and adjusts all other colors). We were under terrible fluorescents in a small room as well so that didn't help. When I went to edit, I crossed my fingers and hoped that it would be okay but all shots had a yellow hue? No, were completely yellow haha. I had to color correct each shot. Everyone said the color looked good in the end so I was happy haha.  

I spoke with a doctor who was incredibly intelligent about the clinical trials, only he had trouble putting it into terms that I could understand. It was all very interesting and in the end, I was able to translate the doctor's medical terms into something easily understood. 

After all the stuggles, I was very happy with the finished product! And I will NEVER forget to white balance again haha. POA: Even when it looks like a piece is going nowhere and you're frustrated, keep going and make the absolute best of what you have...or if you have time go re-shoot it!